Hairstyle Gallery

These are just a few examples of some of our Grooming work

Bichon GunnerKailiPowell2IMG_8699   IMG_9267IMG_8312 Kaili KailiPowell ZsaZsa DonnaWorkingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAd with poodleBaby NeuhausBolero ScissoredCircusCockapoo Cut #4Cocker All-Off #7FCocker Cut #3 on legsDamienGardenia 1Gardenia 5Lhasa All-Off #4Maggie MintonPomeranian All-Off #4Poodle Bolero ScissoredRegular Cocker ClipRegular Scottie ClipRegular Westie ClipShih-Tzu Puppy Clip #0Westie 5 -3 on LegsXmasPhoto3XmasPhoto4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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