Donna’s Hairstyles:

MalteseFullPupCutDonnaGroom21DonnaGroom20Maf&MeDonnaGroom5DonnaGroom6DonnaGroom7DonnaGroom9DonnaGroomDonnaGroom8DonnaGroom10DonnaGroom11Mafia&Donna2DonnaGroom12 Poodle Bolero Scissored Gardenia 1 KailiPowell2 DonnaWorking ZsaZsa Bichon Kaili KailiPowellBurlane17 Burlane18 Burlane19 Burlane23 Burlane26 Burlane31 BurlaneDonna BurlaneDonna2 Rocket20Donna Lynn Wright is the owner of Burlane’s since 1983.



2 thoughts on “Donna’s Hairstyles:”

  1. The Poms in the show ring are so perfect! It is darling how they are looking at you lovingly. I am flying down to Mississippi in September to pick up a Champion sired male Cavalier pup to show with the help of a friend who has shown Cockers for years but now is getting into Cavaliers.


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